Lacking follow through

It is hard, frustrating, aggravating, disappointing, and hurtful that Leo is always saying:

I will call you in a bit

I will text you later about it

I will talk to you later tonight

It is really unclear how he feels about me at times…

I do see that he has made some great effort in some areas between us:  seeming more comfortable discussing money issues, he doesn’t seem completely hung up on Chrissy anymore although he does discuss her and the issues they have almost daily, he also seems more willing to communicate his different emotions and struggles that he has at any given time…

Yet, his lack of doing the small things he says he will do cause me to have my doubts about how he feels about me and if he even wants me around or not.  It also seems like he doesn’t want Elyjah at my house because he is embarrassed something by the fact that my place is never spotless like his mom’s house!

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