When you are in your 40’s and a single mother of 5 kids that range from 5 up to 22 years of age dating is not an exciting prospect. You are virtually starting your life over and finally think you are ready for the dating scene…

Backstory: I was married until 4 years ago and have never really done the dating thing so this is all a new and scary process. In today’s time you go online of course and sign up for different dating sites to see what is out there. I tried several to get an idea of what type of guys are out in the area. While I do have preferences they are not primarily focused on exterior appearance.

What I was hoping for… a single guy (not separated) and he would be over 5ft 5 but not taller than 6ft 5. Almost any build except SUPER buff… buff just isn’t my type! Hair is preferable but eh hair disappears with age. Between 40 and 55 years of age. Relatively in my age bracket. KEY element is being a parent who is active with his child or children. The ability to understand having a child, what a child needs, how they change your daily life is needed to be involved with my life!

Delving into this journey has not been an easy decision because everyone has baggage but I view my baggage as more than the typical 40 something female.

Jumping in…

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