New Year new things to come

This year I am not starting with a resolution… I am starting with a promise to stay positive. Keeping myself in a positive mindset even if things feel enormous at any given moment!

I am promising to allow myself to feel the negative emotions, work on processing them, and remind myself of the positives even in the most difficult situations! I got this. I have come really far in the past year and this is another step I am determined to do helping me grow and change my long-term mindset!

With that I closed all of my old Facebook profiles that I used and were still lingering around. I started a new profile with none of the old reminders of negativity. I programmed my calendar with daily reminders of positive things to end my day and start my day doing and thinking!

This is about doing for myself in more positive ways which will help me do for others in a healthier way as well!

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