Challenge #2 – No sex of any kind

100 days with no sex at all. No sex, no sexual activity, no blow jobs, no receiving, no physical sexual contact with another person for a full 100 days! No exceptions.

As a person who was sexually abused as a child I think my view of sex was different from most.  I think the fact that in my first marriage I was a frequently victim of anal rape and vaginal rape it also messed me up when it comes to having a normal sexual relationship.

Because of these things I am a very sexually needy person but do not actually typically connect with sex.  Let me explain:  I feel emotion with sexual activities but the intimacy factor is not there.  I cannot look a guy in the eyes during sex.  I actually hide my face.  Try to hide myself completely.  I think as result of all the abuse I experienced it is hard for me to connect intimately after a certain point with anyone.

For this reason I am going to starting today 6/11/2018 stop all sex.  All sex discussions except for here and all sexual activity of any sort.

Any slip in this challenge will be noted here to keep me honest.  I am not sure friends will understand any of this because most of us gals joke about sex a lot.  I am taking even the joking off my table.  There will be nothing sex related.  No exceptions.  No sexually explicit content in movies, no sexual discussions, jokes, or anything else.

100 days no sex starts now!  Lets see how this goes!


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