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Challenge #3 – 1,000 words for the week

1000 words – Giving myself ONLY 1000 words for the week. This would include any texts, any online facebook posts, any chatting on the phone, any talking in person… anything other than this blog that would be communicating with another person. It would require me to keep track of all that I say in any way. I think it will also give me clarity and allow me to become a better communicator as well as better listener.

Do we ever fully listen?  Do we actually verbalize adequately what we are trying communicate with others?

I know for a fact that I am very guilty of speaking way to much.  Over sharing.  Giving more information than is needed, wanted, or necessary.  I do this in all situations.  Just meeting someone in the bathroom.  Running into an old friend.  Or chatting online with old friends.

Am I oversharing?

I never thought I was but the more I think about this challenge the more I am wondering how many things could be said without me saying much of anything.  Could I turn my 60,000 words a day into a 1,000 word week?

I am gonna try…

The rules as I am making them are this:

Anything I actually say using my voice unless it is medically related.

Anything that is texted or emailed including important things like attorney emails.

Anything that is said in games, via written letter to teachers at schools or similar instances.

What I can do is write in this blog…  So be prepared to get lots of typing!  hahaha

Record of this challenge

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