The cheating bastard who seems like a great guy…

Last month I met this guy name Leon (Leo) and we started “dating”. We discussed that we were exclusive and I spent a few nights at his place and he also spent a few nights at my place. We have also gone on several dates. We have gone out about 3-4 nights a week since we met. I have met ALL of his family: his 2 younger brothers, his Mom, his niece and nephew, and his son. Then two nights ago I got a message on Facebook from a lady named Valerie. This was an interesting conversation. It boiled down to this:

V – Hey are you dating Leo?

Me – Why? Who are you?

V – I am his girlfriend and he said he has been having sex with you while having sex with me!

Me – WHAT?!? His girlfriend? Umm yeah him and I have been seeing one another and having sex. Exactly when have you been having sex with him?

V – We had sex the last time almost 2 weeks ago at a hotel near my house. It explains a lot that he met me at a hotel and wouldn’t let me go to his place. He didn’t want me in his bed.

(She was Facebook friends with ALL of his family and his sister-in-laws family but had never met any of them except his Mom which is who he lives with!)

I pretty much went bonkers!

SSs included:

All of this time he was getting screamed at by Val who was also threatening to show up at his place and cut him!

I need time to think about all of this!

This hurt really bad…

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