Leon John White (Leo)

In January I met a guy named Leon.  We started talking on Plenty of Fish.  Weird huh?

We started seeing each other and although I thought we were exclusive he slept with an ex-girlfriend Valarie a few weeks after we started going out on dates and having sex.  

I knew something had changed because for weeks he had been very into our relationship and seemed like he wanted us to progress.  He was talking about the future and possibilities.  After he had sex with her he started to seem distant and was no longer talking about a future as a possibility.  He seemed like he was avoiding me and I was feeling very neglected. 

I got a message from Val on Facebook telling me about how she was in love with him and how he had sex with her 2 weeks earlier in a hotel. She insisted that they had been having sex all along and dating exclusively for months. She explained that her best friend had passed away at the end of 2018 and it had caused her to be unavailable for a few weeks. In her few unavailable weeks he had found me on Plenty of Fish and started dating me.

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