First date

Last night I went on a first date with a guy named Leo! We met on POF and when we met last night in person WOWza he was so good looking. I insisted on a movie although he said it wasn’t a great first date thing… We had a great time and when we got in my car to talk a bit it turned into hours of talking. We went across the road to Wegmans and got treats to eat while we talked some more. At the end of our morning, hahaha, he kissed me and I was in. That was something when he kissed me. It was an instant thing that I haven’t ever experienced before with anyone.

My last ex-husband and I lived together as a couple for almost a year before we even hugged or kissed and I didn’t even want the kiss! It was not a kiss like from this guy… This guy kissed me and I felt it all over!

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