An honesty check list:

About me…

  • I have been physically abused.
  • Physical abuse in my life included: bats, golf clubs, belts, waffle irons, fists, kicks, and almost anything that could be used to hit someone with and inflict pain.
  • I have been sexually abused.
  • Sexual abuse in my life included: being raped by a husband with several types of penetration, being sexually touched by a step parent.
  • I have been tortured mentally.
  • Mental torture in my life included: being told the mirrors watched me and had cameras behind them, being told the TV was the same as the mirrors in the house, being told every day I am a failure and will NEVER amount to anything, being told the sky was black even though I knew it was blue… and if I tried to dispute the color mid sunny day I would get beaten, being told red was green, blue was purple, up was actually down, I was told my birthday didn’t exist, I shouldn’t be alive, I was a waste of space, me breathing was a waste of air.
  • The things listed above are not even a touch of what I experienced as a child and then as an adult… I was also drown by my father around 8 year old, I was head first slammed into snow and left there to suffer, I was pulled out of bed almost every night by my hair, pulled down the flight of stairs and beaten, I was attacked by german shepard dogs at the training of my father, I was left for days in a room without food or water until I wrote sentences (typically at least 10,000) about how I should be better than what I was.

Ownership is half the battle I really believe! So there are the basics…

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