Considering a few challenges this year…

I started thinking about what things I would like to do. What might help everyone in my life including myself. Some of these I will complete relatively quick like #4 on my list. Others are longer challenges that will take some time, effort, and monitoring. I will be successful.

So here is what I have come up with…

1 full day a week with no gaming – no gaming at all. From the time I wake up till I wake up the next morning.

100 days with no sex at all. No sex, no sexual activity, no blow jobs, no receiving, no physical sexual contact with another person for a full 100 days! No exceptions.

1000 words – Giving myself ONLY 1000 words for the week. This would include any texts, any online facebook posts, any chatting on the phone, any talking in person… anything other than this blog that would be communicating with another person. It would require me to keep track of all that I say in any way. I think it will also give me clarity and allow me to become a better communicator as well as better listener.

End my relationships with a few key people that I think are negatively impacting my feelings about myself and others. The people include:

Anthony (my best friend)
Brian (need to return drill first)

Last but not least:

30,000 steps in a week. Monitored by my watch and possibly more steps after this amount is accomplished. This will keep me physically active and feeling better inside myself.

I am worried that #1 and #2 will be very difficult for me but I know I can do this if I work hard and stay the course to a healthier me!

Wish me luck!

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