Me defined

With my honesty check list done I need to say that does NOT define me!

All of those things have definitely changed a lot about my life trajectory, my personality, my breaks that still need to be healed… BUT they do not define who I am today or who I am going to grow to be!

I am brilliant. I am funny. I am all heart. I am sweet. I am spicy. I am a zing. I am gorgeous. I am hurting. I am a burst of awesome on a cloudy day. I am everything and more. I am a mom! I am a dad. I am a lover. I am a great human being. I am wonderfully broken. I am beautifully put back together. I am strong and even stronger in my weakest moments. I am struggling. I am okay with my struggles. I am positive. I am capable. I am competent. I am loved by myself. I am loved by the people who are important to me!


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