Vehicle repossession…

Well it was interesting today that the van BS is finally over.  This was a long, stressful, miserable situation for 9 months.  I have been fighting with this thief for way to long over him stealing my money and lying about stuff he put into my loan paperwork.

This is the just of it all as I wrote in my complaints:

I worked with this company and the owner to purchase a vehicle from his dealership. After I got the vehicle home and had it for a few days I received a knock at my door from a person my daughter dates. He came into my home, in front of my children, and told me about my income and how I didn’t make enough money to keep the vehicle. It was going to be repossessed. He discussed in detail the amounts of my income and where it came from. He also explained the income the bank wanted to see from me. I felt violated by the information he knew. He does NOT work at the dealership. He was at no time given permission to know my financials. The owner violated my privacy by communicating with this other person about my income details and what he found to be a lack of documentation about my current income.

Other issue:

Vehicle is NOT performing as it was advertised it would. There is a list of problems with this vehicle including the A/C doesn’t work, rear wiper never worked, rear lights are full of water, interior mid passenger window clamps were broken, rear door does NOT close properly with the button, when on the expressway the car smells of burning oil or something, when driving down the road the vehicle makes a swoosh swoosh sound from the front passenger side of the vehicle, the temporary registration was only good for the day that I drove off the lot! It was not valid after 24 hours, the list continues.

When he requested the vehicle back because I am being told that the loan fell apart almost 8 days later he explained that I would NOT get any of my deposit back. I paid $1200 cash and $800 in check. He still has the $1200 in cash and I feel like a fraud has been committed on me on several different levels. Not only has he violated privacy of my financial information but he also lied about things and stole my deposit.

I believe that with his $60,000 + in debt that he is stressing about he thought I was ripe for the plucking and could rob me of my money and because I am alone with 5 kids I wouldn’t be able to fight for my rights.

He lied about the reason why the loan fell apart. I gave proof of exactly what my income was and it was MORE than what I stated when I gave him the information. HE LIED on his paperwork but even still I am unclear if a loan even existed. He kept talking about how he was over $60,000 in debt and it was a LOT of trouble for him. I think he wanted to rob me of my money. He also released my personal income details to people that we both knew! Which is unethical and very WRONG! I even gave my personal bank documents proving MORE than what I told him. I have a witness who was there when he filled out the paperwork and I told him what I made and from what sources. After the loan was approved I signed everything and he gave me 1 set of keys. Then over a week later he said the loan fell apart and he was keeping all of my money. When I told him that was VERY wrong and he wasn’t going to keep my money if he wanted the van back he laughed and said he was keeping it all! I then took my own actions to stop him from robbing me more than he already had.

After filing with BBB and stuff he started threatening me with repo, jail, and being abusive with threats that I needed to NEVER say anything or I will be paying him $2000 more and then another $2000 more again. And every time I have tried to get help he ups the amount of money he is going to steal from me.

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