Time to adjust my priorities

I have always thought my priorities were in check until the past few months when I began wondering if maybe I have had them all wrong.

I saw my life as a set of priorities that started with Family!


  1. Family (including the LTG if he exists) – I believe that if I am in a serious relationship and that relationships is healthy it will spill over into all family stuff. The kids will see healthy, others will see healthy, we will be healthy and happy all because we are prioritizing a healthy relationship.
  2. The people I love other than the people in category #1.
  3. Other things
  4. More other things
  5. Then 5 thru 1 billion more other things
  6. Then maybe me… possibly if I had the time…

I am starting to learn that the list needs to be adjusted…

Me!!! I should be the priority! I have never been anyone’s priority and haven’t ever been my own priority. I am still not anyone’s priority.

I need to become my own priority!

How do you change the fundamental priority list? Research on this topic to come… Stay tuned

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