The day of therapy

Leo sees a therapist which I support and cheer for but I wish he would also discuss things with me after therapy. WHY you ask? Not because I feel it is my business or anything but because when he leaves therapy he acts very strange towards me.

Example is yesterday… We had a pretty typical day for us. We talked a bunch in the morning and then a blurb on the phone mid-afternoon. Then he did something new that I love loved which was he called me after therapy and told me he was going to dinner with his mom. It was communication about his plans for the evening without missing hours to then hear what he had done. I loved it and it made me feel included in his stuff although it wasn’t an activity that I was participating in. The thing is he didn’t sound like himself. He sounded like there were things he wanted to say to me but didn’t want to say. There was something lingering in the air like a foul pile of dung. I prompted him for conversation but really got nothing other than he would talk to me later and was going to try to attend the girls event at 7:30. I let it go because honestly he doesn’t owe me the conversation and I thought maybe later he would just offer.

After he met up with us at showoff for the girls he clearly was not into being around and said he was going home for the night. I was distressed by it and the lack of communication but I decided to let it go and just get in bed and have my cry fest because it felt like a rejection.

Then around 10pm Leo called and said are you dressed? I told him I of course wasn’t and he said I needed to get dressed. He was so cute and silly about things on the phone and it turned out he ordered me chicken wings and had them delivered to my door. BUT he didn’t really want to talk about whatever was going on in his head.


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