This guy I am dating…

Okay so I met this guy on the 20th of January 2018.  His name is Joe and he is about 11 months older than me.  That in itself is odd because I have never liked anyone my age.  Typically I like older men partly for looks and partly for stability that men have, hopefully, as they get older.  He was introduced to me by a friend and had come to my house to repair my vehicle.  I needed a new starter because the night before my starter died in the pediatricians parking lot…  ugh

He was a really handsome guy and smelled very good.  We flirted around for several hours and he said “you’re single?”  and I said yeah I am to which he replied he was as well!  We exchanged phone numbers and discussed him doing any other work I might need on my vehicle in the future.  When we met up a day later I completely threw out all of my inhibitions and was so super slutty!  I sucked, licked, kissed… all these amazing parts of his body!  God his body was so hard all over!  His chest was six packed, his ass was hard and gorgeous, his legs were hard and good looking, and of course his cock was FANTASTIC and tasty!

A few days later after talking constantly via text

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