Credit Score is up… YAY!

The scoop is this:
In 2016 around June my credit score was over 700.  I could have gotten anything on credit that I wanted.  Little did I know that my ex-husband would do everything to destroy my ability to have a financial future.  He was running my credit, trying to get services, and ordering things using all of my information.  I didn’t even think anyone would do such a thing until a friend told me to check in April of 2017.  When I checked my score was down to 403 and I was emotionally and financially devistated!  Completely overwhelmed by it all I was a deer caught in headlights.

I spent months trying to dispute almost everything that was on my credit because it wasn’t mine.  I finally started to get control of it all by the end of 2017 and promised that by the end of 2018 it would be up over 600 if I had anything to do or say about it.

Today is February 18th, 2018 and my score is up almost 150 points!  I am thrilled and feeling like progress is finally being made.  Lots of letters, phone calls, and nose to the grindstone with this and I am seeing the progress!

YAY me!

Another 100 points up and I will be happy.  I don’t want to use my credit but I do understand how valuable it is to have when the time comes that you might need it!

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