The drama starts again

As Friday came to an end I had blocked Natalie, my biological mom, and her daughters on FB to stop the mamma drama that had started because I wished Natalie a Happy Birthday. The kids, Leo, and myself had a wonderful weekend and last night was coming to an end. Then my text message alert goes off…

This time I really lost everything! I was tired of being hurt. I was tired of getting dragged into the BS. I was fed up with being treated like a worthless piece of crap and just done with it all. I always say if you are going to burn a bridge burn that bridge while you are standing on it so everyone knows you mean business and can see how crazy you really are!

There it all is!

There is me in my worst moment! I was vile, cruel, inhumane, not even remotely a decent anything. I sobbed all night. I have a migraine so bad today because I cried all night long! I blocked her and then got more texts from other numbers until I had to shut my phone off. I blocked 4 numbers and wasn’t responding but just kept getting more and more hate. Natalie even told me that it says something because nobody has ever wanted me not even her.

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