In the Rochester, NY area we have an organization called SPCC (The society for the protection and care of children) which have a program referred to as Therapeutic Visitation. This type of visitation was court ordered for my kids in order for them to have any visits with their dad. It was setup like it in part because of the abuse my children experienced from him and another part was due to the fact that he has, for several years, refused to complete the court ordered psychiatric evaluation.

Today I went to this building and met with a therapist there to discuss how the program works and if I was willing to have the kids try visits. The building is pretty secured with guards, locking doors, and cameras. I am uncertain how I feel at this point because my kids have made such great progress in the past 2 years not seeing him. I am anxious and worried about the fact that even with all the security and therapists in the building them having visits could cause a backlash in our household!

Say a prayer for us!

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