And Leo loves me… Umm yeah

Today Leo said he loves me. Am I a complete asshole for #1 not believing him and #2 I love him? I want to just jump completely in with him but all I have heard since Val is that he has been really crushed in his past relationships and needs time.

What is the right amount of time?

Is a year a good amount of time to wait until he knows if we could move forward? Is it two years? Three years? Nine months? Seriously… What is the time line here people? What about the fact that we both have kids who are very much involved and invested? What about the losses all of our kids have already experienced? What about the fact that I love his family?

Holy balls batman… This is frustrating as F! I am not asking him to move in but I am asking if there is potential for this to grow into something more than him living at his Mom’s house, me living in this apartment, and meeting up for dates and sex when possible. Is that unreasonable? I can’t help but think and feel that dating is different when you have multiple kids involved and families.

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