Rando thoughts in the middle of the night:

  • Ever wondered why the streets seemed more safe when we were kids?
  • Do you remember when only like 3 stations existed on TV?
  • Is there ever really anything worth watching on TV?
  • Do you think technology has helped out society more than hurt it?
  • Did curiosity really kill the cat?
  • People who are on reality TV shows weird me out because they always are crying the victim while stabbing friends in the back. Very odd and it makes me wonder if they shouldn’t go home and be required to binge watch themselves on the show until they learn about how they participate in the things that happen to them in life.
  • Is it really true that it only take 23 days to change a bad habit?
  • Have there been actual long-term relationships that started from “love at first site”?
  • Are arranged marriages still a thing in 2019 in the US? Like do they ever happen now?
  • Do people really believe that laws should be changed so that females don’t have the right to choose?
  • Could it be possible that our country now looks like the dumbest country in this world?
  • What would like look like if superheros really existed?
  • Would I be a superhero and if so what would my power or powers be? Could I have a super brain but the same size head?
  • Why won’t websites let me select “Yes, I am a robot” for confirmation instead of “No, I am not a robot” I mean really… it would be cool to be a robot accessing a website!
  • Why is supply and demand so crazy for cellphones? It appears that they sell 8 million new phones but only manufactured 7.7 million of that phone! Because of that they want to then charge you over $1400 for the phone which doesn’t include a warranty except for if it is a manufacturers defect!
  • Vapes are “killing teens” lately but I have had my vape now for almost 4 years and I am actually healthier (so I believe) than if I would have started back up on cigarettes.
  • What do you do if your 20 year old son comes home and got a girl pregnant? It is a HUGE worry!
  • Could a guy really triple bag it? I mean I joke about it all the time now that he is having sex but is it possible? What are the ramifications if he did try to double or triple bag his dick?
  • Has my all-time favorite candy changed?
  • Would my Ma be proud of me? Proud of my growth? Proud of where my life is right now?
  • How do you work on feelings of shame and self-loathing over horrifying verbal behavior? Is it like working on other personal/emotional things?
  • WTF is wrong with our language that we have their, they’re, there, there’re. To and too. Die and dye. Breath and breathe. Through and threw. Weather and whether… I mean seriously instead of changing to this stupid “new math” couldn’t we just fix our language? HAHAHA
  • Is it bad that I think the character John Wick is the hottest mother fucker that ever existed? Yet I do NOT think Keanu is good looking at all.
  • Has anyone else ever had that dream about growing up and being a Mob Boss’s wife? (Minus the cheating rat bastard part)


This took me like 10 minutes to write or right or wrong… hahaha but this is an example of what my mind does when I have nothing going on and is also why I turn the TV on. The TV helps me dead brain. I think of TV as a completely mindless activity which helps me to stop my brain from running faster than most computers.

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