This process is hell on earth and exhausting!  I started with what I wanted vs what I needed…


  • SUV or bigger for 5 people and more
  • Reliability
  • Tinted windows because my son has sensory issues and the tint helps with the sun
  • Power windows and locks (SAFETY)


  • Bluetooth for my phone
  • Cruise control
  • Backup camera
  • Sunroof
  • Navigation
  • Heated seats
  • 4 WD

Now with my list complete, I start considering payments vs buying outright from an individual.

Payments are long-term and can be expensive but they have added ups and downs which include:

  • More likely to get a reliable vehicle
  • Insurance is more expensive because you have a lien holder
  • If my financials change the payments can be hard to cover
  • Depending on the dealership I will get free oil changes with my purchase
  • It would help my credit score as long as I pay on time every month
  • Most likely to get a warranty even if it is only a short length

I looked over my credit score and to stay within a payment range that won’t devastate my family I need to be under $11,999.  The vehicle needs to be newer than 2008 with less than 90k miles on it.  More options the better for the loan and I need to have at least a $3,000 down payment.

With all of that said and analyzed I started looking at vehicles from dealerships for the past almost 2 weeks.

I have looked at Vision, Marina, Doan, AuctionDirect, CarsUSA, Upstate Auto, and some other local buy here pay here dealerships.  With frustration mounting as I test drive and hate multiple vehicles, it is starting to occur to me that maybe I will never find a vehicle that I like and also fits my financials…

I am going to the Vision dealership around 10 am to test drive a few more SUVs and hopefully make a final decision on what I am buying or not buying.  I will post if I buy a vehicle…

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