A crazy out of my typical night!

Last night I went out with a long time friend of mine, Richard.  It was a blast.  We went to Nosh a restaurant that is a bit too trendy for me but it was beautiful inside.  We then went to 585 Burger Bar and enjoyed some music from the live band.

We walked out to smoke and relax in the car for a few and I said: “I would really love to just drive for a while right now.”  He told me to go ahead and do it so he fell asleep in the car and when he woke up we were in Niagara Falls, NY.  We were heading to my favorite place in that area and as we pulled up saw half of the road with a gate blocking the entrance.

We both said well there are people in there and the sign was a bit confusing so we agreed to go in.  Not even after driving 1 minute past the gate we were pulled over by park police on Goat Island and after waiting about 30 minutes I was given a ticket for disobeying a traffic device.  We then left the island and drove around looking for an open gas station that was almost impossible to find.  After finding gas we started on the way home and laughing about how crazy a night it had turned out to be.  What a goofy turn of events but I loved the driving and even the ticket wasn’t a big deal…

Great night!  Thank you for getting me out of the house for something different than my norm…

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