Long-term guy

It is so funny because when I was younger I never dated and then when I was in a relationship it was never about the long-term guy for my life. I dated more for fun if I dated and I NEVER thought about longevity of a relationship.

Funny thing that happens, maybe after a 17+ year relationship, maybe in your 40’s, maybe with 5 kids 3 of whom you are still raising. Not sure if those are the reasons why when I finally started dating I had a different perspective on it all.

Now I want to meet the long-term guy. (LTG) The LTG needs to be certain things… He needs to be an honest guy. LTG needs to be capable of communication. LTG needs to be mostly responsible for what they have going on… NOT in need of a “mommy” of caretaker. LTG needs to a dad and good with children of all ages. Most of the rest of everything else is negotiable.

Looks fade, weight changes, hair falls out, but if you are an honest to goodness a healthy honest and loving heart the consideration is there. All of this is also requiring that you want to be a LTG… You want to end up living with someone, building a relationship with someone, having a life with someone.





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