The new dating perspective

Well as a mom of five kids I started out thinking dating was going to be really difficult no matter what.  I think if some guy told me he had five kids I would be a little worried.  Hear what I mean?

Things required to date me?

Honest even if it hurts
Has is act together
Loves kids
Has kids (+)
Can hold an intelligent conversation about ANYTHING
Loves to travel by car, boat, foot, anything
Enjoys being active but loves nights snuggled up watching whatever
FUNNY is a MUST because laughs keep you young and help with the difficult things in life!
Italian (+)
Enjoys PDA
Has family and friends that they want to share with my family and friends
No expectations of marriage EVER
Likes to communicate and is proficient at doing such…  Can communicate his feelings
AND also can openly discuss the difficult topics

There is more things but these are what is really important to me along with someone who can go with the flow of life.  If life throws a wrench at you don’t fall apart but keep moving forward and work with what is in front of you.

Will I ever find such a guy?  I am not holding my hopes up so in the meantime I am not going to slut around but have a great time with my kids being myself and maybe someday a guy will catch my eye.

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