The funky smell covering my house today…

Ever had a smell in your house that you couldn’t pinpoint where it was coming from and you were driven crazy by the smell?
Well this morning when I walked downstairs into my living room I was hit in the face by a smell that brought me to a verge of vomiting… The search was on. Today I ripped apart my kitchen, living room, dining room, clothes drawers, and more! It was a very hard day and of course Leo was a jerk about it all when I begged him to come help me! I needed patience and understanding NOT frustration, nasty comments about him running out of time, or him being pissy with me about being unable to pick up what was the cause of the house smell.
After everything it turns out there was a mouse dead and covered in maggots in the bottom of the fridge near the motor. The smell was instantly gone when it was taken out of the house!
Thank you for dying in my fridge!
Thank you for giving me mice (Neighbors!)

Help me Rhonda! This is the worst!

Pictures below are extremely graphic:

Then of course Leo disappeared and I never heard back from him tonight…

Fucking screw his bullshit!!!

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