Meet my friends and family! Official Introductions…

    Written around 2001-2003    
A A guy I dated and grew up with.   Anthony
AD A more recent friend of mine who I only met a few years ago. She is a great mother and fun friend. We go out every so often which is nice. We go get drinks and stuff plus her daughter is great friend with my daughter and so we have a lot of family time together with the kids and adults   Amy Doyle
ADC My aunt on my father’s side of the family. She is older than my dad.   Aunt Donna
ARoo My son with “B”   Andrew
AS The wife of “SS” and mother of “SS2”   Ann
B The guy I married and had children with.   Brett
Barko A guy who works for my “DAD” and is a smelly guy but has a huge heart.   Darko
C ME! 🙂   Me
CA My cable guy as well as a good friend for many years.   Chris Alden
CD The girl that “B” cheated on me with and then married.   Carrie Baldwin
CDH Was married to “CD” until they divorced so “CD” could marry “B”   Christopher Dwello
CH cutie Who is my sister   Cortnie
CP Who is my sister and she is around 17 right now    
DAD Like the name, he is my dad.   Dad
DP She is a nasty person in my life. She was once my neighbor and I tried to be her friend. She made me miserable and she tried to ruin my life. She was jealous of the little that I had and decided to take it all from me.   Dominica Panniccia
GA My grandfather “A” who I just met for the first time this year.   Grandpa Adams
GP My grandmother who is absent just like my parents.   Grandma Pringle
HB The older sister of “B”   Heather Baldwin
I Although you were married to “A” you and I became great friends. You really bring out the hot Italian Biatch in me. I love the zest you add to my life when you are around. You get me speaking Italian and feeling like I am a teenager. You bring out the mafia side of my life and that is always exciting and sexy. I love being in the mob roll. You were the best friend I could have had when my dreams of a life with “A” died. I am glad that in the end you and I are still friends who can have our Italian chats and laugh without a soul knowing what we are talking about. “I” – She is a hot hot hot chick! I am not a lesbian but if I was I would be all over her. She is a hot Italian dish. 🙂   Irene
J He is the guy I have been dating for 6 years now. He is the guy I write about a lot of the time and he is the guy who recently proposed. <– Which was exciting. I left “J” empty until now for who knows what reason. I can’t believe that I forgot to put him on this list. BUT, here he is finally and lastly. MORE TO COME AGAIN LATER…   John
JAM She is my sister and is around 19 years old now I think   Jenny Mathis
JAP She is my sister who is around 13 years old   Julia
JB She is a long time best friend of mine who worked for my dad.   Jeri Buys
JC Married to the former “RW”. He is brilliant and good hearted human being.   John Ceballo
JH Was “S” best friend for a long time and around while “S” and I dated.   Jeremy Hollick
JM He is my brother and is around 21 years old now I think   Josh Mathis
JP He is my brother who is around 15 years old   Joseph
JZ The cousin of “J” and also works for my “DAD”   John Zicari
LG Who is a great friend of mine for many years. She has been there for me no matter what and always stood by my side no matter how hard things were. She is great! I think of her with the fondest thoughts   Lisa Gerritse
LS Was a great friend of mine for many years. She used to be “L” but was demoted to “LS” because I have another “L” in my life who is very valuable and current. “LS” was always a person I wanted to be and wished for her life. She always seemed so perfect and on track.   Lindsay Sanger
Mantha My daughter with “B”   Samantha
MC The mother of “J” and aunt of “JZ”   Marge Czerwiec
MM Is the first husband of “R”   Mike Mathis
MOM She is my mother. You will hear more about her later.   Mom
MP Who is my brother and he is 19 right now I think   Mike Pudetti
R My 3rd and current Step-mother.   Robin
R2 The best friend of “R” and BTW they have the same name in real life.   Robin Kukala (sp)
RW-C Used to be “RW” until she got married to “JC”   Rachel White
S My first love. I dated him for a long time.   Steve
SB The father of “HB” & “B”   Stewart Baldwin
SS An old friend who we all can’t stand because he is stupid.   Sam Samuel
SS2 The daughter of “SS”   Samantha Samuel
SSShit A guy who works for my “DAD” and is a self-centered ass.   Siedenjerk
TH Who is my other sister   Tiffinee
V Girl “B” dated before him and I got together. They did have a son together.   Venus Avenel Loveless
WS The mother of “B”   Wendy Sackett
ZS The son of “SS” & “AS” and brother of “SS2”   Alexander Samuel

JP & “JAP” are the children of “DAD” & “R”
MP – Is my brother but not my brother. His mother and father are “D” & “R” but my father adopted him right after he was born because he married “D”
CP – Is my sister and the sister of “MP”. She is the daughter of “DAD” & “D”
Neither of JM or JAM are my blood siblings but I grew up with them for a long time so I consider them my brother and sister. They are the children of “R” & “MM”
“CH cutie” & “TH” are the children of my “MOM” and her ex-husband “GH”

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