Leo in my life for 2 months

Lets weigh out the Leo BS:


  1. He is great with the kids
  2. He is fun
  3. We go out on dates
  4. The sex is fucking phenomenal
  5. I love his son
  6. I love his family
  7. His family is great to me and the kids
  8. I honestly believe he is a good guy
  9. He has a great heart


  1. He is CLEARLY capable of cheating and covering it up (even though I have come to terms with the “Val” stuff)
  2. He makes me feel neglected
  3. He leaves me feeling wanting very often
  4. He redirects most conversations
  5. He is always talking about our sex life instead of us
  6. He has me listed in a permanent holding pattern relationship status
  7. I saw a different version of him until he had sex with Val
  8. I am never sure how he really feels about me
  9. I don’t think he can handle our lives daily


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