Delta Sonic unlimited plans

Delta Sonic is a well known car wash, interior cleaning, and gas shop in my area. They have unlimited plans for many different services one of which is unlimited carwashes. My plan was $16.99 for a year and then this month I got charged $29.55 by DS and thought that was for my unlimited carwashes and unlimited interior cleanings… when I came in this morning I found out my rate for unlimited carwashes bumped up $10/per month! When I called to complain they told me it was on my receipt at some point.

Does anyone read over the standard prepaid carwash receipts? I never look! It is paid and the receipt is a matter of record if damages occur…

Then trying to cancel was a blast! They couldn’t find my account without my car tag and then found it but it was open somewhere then got into it but couldn’t help me!!!

Holy moly they are ridiculous!!!



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