About me…

Let me see… all about me?

I was born in 1978 to a mother who was addicted to drugs and a father who was very abusive.  They never married and the physical abuse, neglect, and verbal abuse started before I was even a year old.  I was born in Rochester, NY which was at the time an area that grew on the back of Kodak.  George Eastman lived here, Kodak, Bausch and Lomb, and several other enormous companies started here in our Roc as we call it. Many families, including my own, were financially dependant on Kodak back then.

I was born in a lilac baby because I arrived during this areas HUGE lilac festival.  My mother moved away and had very little to do with my life.  My father, his mother, and my aunt worked together to raise me.  I would end up called my grandmother Ma most of my life and interacting with my aunts and uncles as siblings instead of my elder relatives.  I was not far behind in age and now at this stage in my life we are closer in age than we were when I was young.  I am about to be 40 and they are only about 14 years + older than me but our life stages are more similar now.

I moved out at 15, I tried to commit suicide at 12 on Thanksgiving day, I had a 14 car accident in the parking lot of my high school, I married my first husband under deress and told him I didn’t love him as I was walking to the judge with him.  I had a friends with benefits arrangement with my best friend and he fell in love with me!

I have traveled the country and been in almost every state.  A few years back I actually road-tripped with my kids to Arizona.

Yes, I have 5 children!  My oldest is now 21 and then I have children who are 19, 6, 4, and 4.  The last child turned out to be twins instead of a singleton…  LOL

I built my first computer 32 years ago!  I am a complete tech nerd and love it when people call me that because it is exactly who I am aside from the label my children have given me which is Mom/Dad because I fill both roles…

I started this blog a while back but lost a lot of the data from it so I am starting over which is fitting because my life is in a major transition right now…


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