6 years ago tomorrow

Tomorrow is set to be a wonderful yet busy day so I wanted to post this today:
January, 6 years ago, I was extremely sick. I had my cousins Nino and Jesselee over with all the family for homemade manicotti and a family day!
I was so very ill. Everyone was eating and I was in the bathroom all day long. It was so bad that I finally decided I needed to go to the emergency room. After hours in the hospital with John being angry at me because he was missing his ice fishing get together the doctor walked into my room and gleefully said “Congratulations on your babies!”
Ummmmm, WHAT?!? I think you have the wrong room!
It turns out I was pregnant with the craziest experiences of my life… TWINS!
It has been 6 years and the road has been paved with so much heartbreak but that has always been put to dust by the love we all have!
I couldn’t have done the past 6 years without you Sam and Andrew! We will always be the original Trio! It will always be us 3 that kept this family intact. You were not just my kids you were the best people in my life. Yes you both drove me bonkers but you were always my home! You both will always remain my home! Thank you both so much for driving me crazy and paving the way for Jordan, Hannah, and Johnny!
On August 25th, after weeks of contractions they did an emergency C-Section and at 10:04 and 10:06 pm I gave birth to Hannah Grace weighing 6 pounds 4 ounces and John Peter Jr weighing 4 pounds 6 ounces.
It was several days before I got to hold either of them and for many days we wouldn’t speak of the looming feeling Johnny wasn’t leaving the hospital. I was wrecked for a long time.
I never prayed for twins… I pray for them every day now! They were a part of my blessings in life! They help make me strong. They keep my heart beating! They keep me young because I have to chase them constantly! LOL
Thank you for being my 2 of the most awesome blessings I could have never known I always wanted!
Happy birthday tomorrow my favorite twinkies! xoxoxoxox
And thank you to all the people who have always shown them love, shown me love, stood next to our tiny family and loved us when it was not the easy choice!
Amy, Lisa, Jenna, Jeanne, Jennifer, Anthony, Lynne, and a few choice other people!
And thank you to Strong NICU for taking care of my Johnny when he needed more than other hospitals could do. And thank you to the nurses who hold babies and love them while they are working on getting well in the hospital. And thank you to Lisa for helping us build a life that I love! And thank you Jennifer and your family for helping all of us with everything ALWAYS and being a great family and a great bunch of friends! Anthony, thank you for spending years reminding me that I was worth so much more than I had settled for! Lynne, thank you for always since I was a kid being all heart to me even when it was difficult! Leon, Thank you for showing my kids that good families exist in people like your parents, siblings, nieces and nephews and more. Thank you for making a dream of mine come true this year. Thank you for doing for them when I am 1 vs 3!
I love you all so very much! Every last person who has touched our lives! Thank you with all of my heart!
Happy 6th birthday babies my twinkies!
Here are some of my favorite first few month pictures and videos! xoxoxoxox

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