Family dinner

Tonight Leo took me to his family dinner. His father puts on a large family dinner for his brother’s wedding anniversary every year. He picked me up and we went to Nick’s Seabreeze in Rochester, NY.

It was a great evening of family fun and the food was pretty spectacular. I am typically very picky with Italian food so I tend to analyze every bite.
I ordered the Manicotti with meatballs. Leo ordered Chicken Parm, his brother Matt ordered the Lasagna.
The Manicotti was spectacular! It had a creamy sweetness that was addicting. The meatballs were not really tasty and I did not care for the sauce used on them. The Chicken Parm was a bit on the dry side and lacking in seasoning. The Lasagna was not bad but could have been much better. It was also a bit bland and needed better sauce and possibly more beef.

Either way this place was great with everything else. The appetizers were plentiful and tasty. Artichoke french, shrimp cocktail, Italian calamari… The salad bar area was full of wonderful options and they were pretty tasty. The soup although I did not try it was said to be enjoyable. The soup was beef with bow tie pasta. The Kahlua and cream drink was well made with plenty of Kahlua and not too watered down with ice or excessive milk.

I cannot wait to go back here and try a few more dishes!

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