I know people who actually emotionally hurt me just by how they obsess over things on facebook.  I know that is a strange thing to say but how they react to things on facebook actually causes me distress! For example: I know this guy who is in his late 40’s,Continue Reading

As I sit here in my 40’s I am reflecting constantly about my past.  What are the major events that brought me to this life?  Was there one major moment that if I had chosen the left path my life would look absolutely opposite and would I want it toContinue Reading

It is rare that you find a person who stands next to you no matter how bad things get.  It is rare that you find someone who is as honest, full of heart, and brilliant all in one person that will never be the sexual love of your life butContinue Reading

A letter to myself… There are things that have never happened in your life that do exist for others.  There are moments you should hear about, experience, know, feel… Yes, it is natural and normal for people to feel lonely.  When you are born traditionally love exists around your birth.Continue Reading

Dear Love, I hate how you consume my body and mind without my ability to control you.  I am angry that you sweep into my body and mind before I can prepare myself and attempt to stop you from dictating my feelings. Why do you insist on directing my heartContinue Reading

(Collateral Beauty movie) Time: Time is a scary thing…  Time is the only thing you cannot get back no matter who you beg, how much you spend, what god you pray to, where you travel from, or how far you run from it. Time is a GIFT Time is shortContinue Reading

Have you ever watched a rom-com and thought about how you wished your relationship/life mirrored that movie in any way?  I mean any pieces of that movie at all?  I never really had those moments of wishing my life was more like a movie romance but I have always hadContinue Reading

I am completely in love with this new scale! I have had this in my house now for about 3 months and I don’t even know why I thought my old scale was any good! This scale along with the companion app keeps track of my body details and alsoContinue Reading

Things are over with Leo but today he came over to help me work on my 3D printer and then I screwed the fuck out of him! I really needed the release and since I am not a slut and don’t want to sleep around I just told him toContinue Reading

As of September 23rd, 2019 I am the proud mom of a 23 year old brilliant and beautiful young lady! In 1996 I found out I was pregnant! Before I had a moment to process that piece of information I was already in love and ready to die for thatContinue Reading

When you are dating a guy who pushes and pulls you away like a yo-yo constantly it is always a struggle to know if you should hold on. Tonight was the over button. Leo raised his voice at me and I stopped him. I told him I didn’t want toContinue Reading

What do most people consider being lied to? Is a lie compartmentalized to ONLY something that has been misrepresented to you by another party? OR Does lying also include when someone should tell you the “full” story but leave certain things out purposely with the intent to be dishonest toContinue Reading