After everything here gets crazy I have been gone getting life settled for a little while. Here is a tiny run down of what has been going on here: Finishing the move My son got his tonsils and adenoids removed I got my wisdom teeth pulled and experienced an infectionContinue Reading

Tonight I planned to go out with a bunch of the old crew from High School and meetup for a while for drinks and laughs.  We met at a place called Jeremiahs in Penfield, NY and it was great.  The night started out a bit shaky for a few reason…Continue Reading

Is my current paranoia real or not? I have always lived with a certain amount of paranoia from my childhood trauma.  I usually am pretty good about knowing that my paranoia is not real but lately I am just certain that my paranoia is spot on! Here it is inContinue Reading

I am officially moving this Thursday, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday!  Holy Hell!  I need more help.  I am so not prepared for what is about to happen in my life!  $550 more a month for rent plus I will have to pay for electric.  Then not only that but IContinue Reading

Today Leo started back at work after over a month of being on strike for UAW/GM and me being the sap that I am I sent him an I miss you text this morning.  I admit it was odd him not being around at all during the day and knowingContinue Reading

Today was a nice easy day…  We all went to Wegmans and had breakfast.  Then we went across the street and the kids played at the parks for a while.  My 7 year old daughter wanted to attend Leo’s sons lacrosse tournament and when she asked him he asked toContinue Reading

As many already know I am all about growth and self analysis although I do also attend regular therapy.  In relationships I am typically the inexperienced person because I have NOT had really any healthy relationships.  All of my past is riddled with a ton of every type of abuse.Continue Reading

A lot of couples today meld names together…  what I call name merging.  I never thought it was interesting until lately when I thought about what Leo and I would be if we melded our names together!  Well I found an interesting website that shows what possibilities are for aContinue Reading

This is a crazy heading for my post but the “I was a great wife” statement ties into all that is rattling around in my head tonight. As I was showering tonight I started thinking about the different relationships I have had in my life with men.  I thought aboutContinue Reading

It was great last week spending extra time with Leo’s son.  The three of us had a great time during the day just us.  I introduced him to Pokemon Go!  (BTW: Leo is NOT happy about this fact!)  EJ, Leo’s son, had a great time learning about it and battlingContinue Reading

After therapy on Thursday I decided to write an email to Leo. Copy of the email: Good evening Mr. White, I had a really great day with 2 of my favorite guys!  Thank you so much.   I can’t help but wonder and notice that you didn’t want me to help withContinue Reading

Things are over with Leo but today he came over to help me work on my 3D printer and then I screwed the fuck out of him! I really needed the release and since I am not a slut and don’t want to sleep around I just told him toContinue Reading