I started thinking recently about the past cost and future expenses for mental health regular care.  I want to try hypnotherapy and a few other things to help with my mental health and then I become frustrated and angry because:  Yes, Bipolar is a chemical biological thing, I have aContinue Reading

I have been working on this blog a lot this year and find it to be beautiful and full of me!  This blog is my ONLY spot that I have felt the freedom to say anything with anonymity and not allow my mental health issues stop me because of fear,Continue Reading

I have been having some scary moments lately.  Along with what has become the norm for my migraines I have started to experience explosive episodes during orgasm.  They are terrifying, excruciating, and embarrassing.  With all of that I decided to go into the doctors office today and get checked out. Continue Reading


Support our country! Buy a UAW worker a loaf of bread, beer, pop, happy meal and support the cause! Our country deserves more humans who are willing to get screwed by corporate America in an attempt to force change for our working class Americans!

In March of 2017 I weighed in at 365 pounds with no clothes on. It was the heaviest I had ever been and have moved down since then slowly and steadily. In 2017 I had a full hysterectomy which changed how my body reacted to everything I put in myContinue Reading

Around 2002 I quit smoking for good. I had quit smoking for every pregnancy but because I was always with people who smoked it was almost impossible to not start smoking again. I had been smoking since high school so around 10 years when I finally quit cold turkey. BigContinue Reading

***ALL NUMBERS LISTED BELOW ARE GESTIMATES NO FACTUAL NUMBERS – THEY ARE WHAT I FEEL ARE REPRESENTATIVE OF ACTUAL NUMBERS AS WELL AS WHAT I SEE IN MY LOCAL AREA OF ROCHESTER, NY*** The more I think about this the more I have society concerns… Concerns about our local financialContinue Reading

The migraines and vertigo are going hand in hand. I almost constantly for several weeks have had vertigo and the migraines have been almost every day. I have an appointment that I have been patiently waiting for with a Neurologist. All of this pain brings me to my health list…Continue Reading

I have a lot of things going on in my life constantly. I am always juggling a ton of different things. It is the single mom life… My question I pose is what are other single mom priorities as it relates to who YOU are as a human being, female,Continue Reading

Abortion is a completely loaded topic! People constantly fight over the morality of it. There are arguments about my body my choice, when is a fetus actually a baby, is it murder, is it moral, is it against religious beliefs… I will start by saying this: I have had anContinue Reading

I’m a Suicide Attempt Survivor 4 Things Suicide Attempt Survivors Want You to Know They are your neighbor, your family member, colleague or your friend. They are one of the thousands of people affected by suicide every single day. They are courageous, brave, and strong. They are suicide attempt survivorsContinue Reading

To start I bleached my kitchen completely. Then I bleached the dining room. Then I cleaned the floors by hand with bleach. Then got cleaned up and got in bed ALONE! Am I really so unwanted or unlovable? I refuse to drown my sad lonely feelings in random meaningless sexContinue Reading