What do most people consider being lied to? Is a lie compartmentalized to ONLY something that has been misrepresented to you by another party? OR Does lying also include when someone should tell you the “full” story but leave certain things out purposely with the intent to be dishonest toContinue Reading

Around 2002 I quit smoking for good. I had quit smoking for every pregnancy but because I was always with people who smoked it was almost impossible to not start smoking again. I had been smoking since high school so around 10 years when I finally quit cold turkey. BigContinue Reading

***ALL NUMBERS LISTED BELOW ARE GESTIMATES NO FACTUAL NUMBERS – THEY ARE WHAT I FEEL ARE REPRESENTATIVE OF ACTUAL NUMBERS AS WELL AS WHAT I SEE IN MY LOCAL AREA OF ROCHESTER, NY*** The more I think about this the more I have society concerns… Concerns about our local financialContinue Reading

I have a lot of things going on in my life constantly. I am always juggling a ton of different things. It is the single mom life… My question I pose is what are other single mom priorities as it relates to who YOU are as a human being, female,Continue Reading

From around 2001-2002 Sometimes I am hurting because I still can’t understand why exactly you did all of the things that you have done. I know at this point I will never look at you as the man that I thought I once knew. After all of the stuff andContinue Reading

Written around 1999-2001 Now, to start I would like to tell you all a little story that happened to me a long time ago! It all started one night while I was laying in bed with my husband after a long day of arguing. It all started when we gotContinue Reading

Written around 1997-1999 Now, to start I want to tell you that the page this is linked to was the beginning of a great learning experience! I have read that page so many times with a great deal of tears until I talked to someone that really made me think.Continue Reading