Every single time he opens up emotionally the next action after that opening is an action that practically breaks my heart!Continue Reading

In my 40 something years I have seen many unhealthy relationship.  Relationships I have been witness to but also relationships that I was a part of. I have watched moms enable sons to be abusers, thieves, and worse.  I have cried while moms cheer for a son who abused andContinue Reading

What do most people consider being lied to? Is a lie compartmentalized to ONLY something that has been misrepresented to you by another party? OR Does lying also include when someone should tell you the “full” story but leave certain things out purposely with the intent to be dishonest toContinue Reading

I thought it would be fun to do a boyfriend report card and after a few times of talking to Leo it seemed like he would enjoy me doing one as well… So, I made one myself to try out and see how Leo would rank in the list ofContinue Reading

I have started researching at home date night ideas because my babysitter availability is extremely limited I thought planning some at home date nights for Leo and I would be fun. I wanted to make this a creative, interesting, and fun thing for us to share! I am not limitingContinue Reading

Compartmentalization: It was a switch in my head but I visualize it more as a shelving system with billions of boxes neatly organized and labeled accordingly. Continue Reading

Leo has a great family! He has 2 brothers, his mom, his dad, his son. He is the oldest out of the siblings. His middle brother is married and has a daughter. His baby brother has a son. Over the past few weeks he has gotten overly upset with meContinue Reading

It is so funny because when I was younger I never dated and then when I was in a relationship it was never about the long-term guy for my life. I dated more for fun if I dated and I NEVER thought about longevity of a relationship. Funny thing thatContinue Reading

The day was emotional, long, full of heart filled conversation. Today was the closest I have ever felt to a happy and healthy family of my own and now I cannot sleep. It was a wonderful night and you are always amazing with my kids. Dinner at the table asContinue Reading

To start I bleached my kitchen completely. Then I bleached the dining room. Then I cleaned the floors by hand with bleach. Then got cleaned up and got in bed ALONE! Am I really so unwanted or unlovable? I refuse to drown my sad lonely feelings in random meaningless sexContinue Reading

I have been a wife and mother most of my life. I have never had a time when I wasn’t raising kids or taking care of a full household like a wife. This is the first time I am really NOT a wife and it feels virtually impossible to turnContinue Reading

Self-Destruct Button

Several years ago when I was feeling really bad about myself I met a guy who was really easy to have sex with and nothing else. No relationship, no chatting, nothing more than crazy rough semi-abusive sex and poof he would be gone. I wouldn’t need to do any ofContinue Reading