I know people who actually emotionally hurt me just by how they obsess over things on facebook.  I know that is a strange thing to say but how they react to things on facebook actually causes me distress! For example: I know this guy who is in his late 40’s,Continue Reading

As of September 23rd, 2019 I am the proud mom of a 23 year old brilliant and beautiful young lady! In 1996 I found out I was pregnant! Before I had a moment to process that piece of information I was already in love and ready to die for thatContinue Reading

I have a lot of things going on in my life constantly. I am always juggling a ton of different things. It is the single mom life… My question I pose is what are other single mom priorities as it relates to who YOU are as a human being, female,Continue Reading

Seriously… I think someone needs to help me because I don’t think I can handle any of this anymore! Chrissy is more of our relationship than I am. There are times when he calls me Chrissy! He sneaks into the bathroom to talk to her. He walks to a privateContinue Reading

A few days ago I spent time with Leo’s mom. I have thought since the beginning that she was a wonderful human being but then I spent some real alone time visiting with her and now I am 100% sure she is phenomenal! Not only has she always been welcoming,Continue Reading

Leo has a great family! He has 2 brothers, his mom, his dad, his son. He is the oldest out of the siblings. His middle brother is married and has a daughter. His baby brother has a son. Over the past few weeks he has gotten overly upset with meContinue Reading

Last night we decided to take all of the kids to a drive-in movie at Vintage Drive-in. They were showing Lion King and Aladdin. The night was off to a bit of a rocky start as Leo’s son was not happy about eating the pulled chicken I made for everyoneContinue Reading

  Written around 2001-2003 A A guy I dated and grew up with. AD A more recent friend of mine who I only met a few years ago. She is a great mother and fun friend. We go out every so often which is nice. We go get drinks andContinue Reading