I started thinking recently about the past cost and future expenses for mental health regular care.  I want to try hypnotherapy and a few other things to help with my mental health and then I become frustrated and angry because:  Yes, Bipolar is a chemical biological thing, I have aContinue Reading

Today was a nice easy day…  We all went to Wegmans and had breakfast.  Then we went across the street and the kids played at the parks for a while.  My 7 year old daughter wanted to attend Leo’s sons lacrosse tournament and when she asked him he asked toContinue Reading

I am curious about all of these Go Fund Me accounts that people setup for other people that are struggling.  I am not traditionally a pity party type of girl but why has nobody ever done something like that for us?  After everything that has gone on in my lifeContinue Reading

It is rare that you find a person who stands next to you no matter how bad things get.  It is rare that you find someone who is as honest, full of heart, and brilliant all in one person that will never be the sexual love of your life butContinue Reading

If you have read anything I have written on this blog you would know that I have never been out slutting around.  I am very monogamous.  I believe that every relationship involves ONLY the 2 people in the relationship.  That is not to negate the kids, family, and friends thatContinue Reading

Well, I am officially in a lease that is starting on November 1st BUT I need to come up with the $1400 for the security deposit ASAP! It is such a small amount in the scheme of things yet sooo enormous!  I am getting worried that I will not beContinue Reading

Today was a long day full of interesting moments.  I went in today and met a doctor to evaluate my mental health issues and discuss medications.  I was nervous and feeling stressed about what he would say. For many years my therapist has expressed that she believed I am bipolarContinue Reading

WOOHOO, I signed my new lease tonight! I am now the proud lessee of a 1800 sq ft 3 bedroom, 2 full bathroom townhouse! Now continue packing and moving!

As many already know I am all about growth and self analysis although I do also attend regular therapy.  In relationships I am typically the inexperienced person because I have NOT had really any healthy relationships.  All of my past is riddled with a ton of every type of abuse.Continue Reading

Today I started packing up my life or what is left of the 41 years I have lived so far.  This is heart wrenching but the best thing for all of us! If I am being honest I am full of terror at all that can go wrong but alsoContinue Reading

Last night, I watched a show by Leah Remini about her experiences and other people’s experiences with Scientology.  I was impressed and I wanted to say that I found this very intriguing. The whole show seems honestly to be her views her thoughts her wording and I love that!  MikeContinue Reading

A letter to myself… There are things that have never happened in your life that do exist for others.  There are moments you should hear about, experience, know, feel… Yes, it is natural and normal for people to feel lonely.  When you are born traditionally love exists around your birth.Continue Reading