As a single mom of 5 kids I have spent most of my life being exactly that… Single and a Mom My youngest kids were born in 2013 a set of b/g twins and I am finally starting to learn and grow as a completely single mom of 5. UntilContinue Reading

The vehicle was a 2019 Buick Enclave in white and fully loaded. When I opened the door I was hit in the face with a smell of cigars and drugs.Continue Reading

What did my snooping uncover?Continue Reading

Today I got a call and it was L being really upset.  His mom, she had heart surgery within the past year or so and has other medical conditions, and she wanted him to not be at her house anymore until the Corona stuff was resolved.Continue Reading

I finally understand although it hurts me so deeply. I will always be judge based on the other people who have hurt you. I will always be looked at with the eye of a cynic because you are incapable of seeing me and not every other person who hurt you.Continue Reading

Corona Virus in Rochester NY and the hunger games we play in the grocery storeContinue Reading

The Morning Show TV series and character discussion along with #MeToo movementContinue Reading

Printable chore dice for kidsContinue Reading

I have kids at home still.  They are 8, 6, and 6.  That is 3rd and 1st graders!  We are now facing a mandatory 4 weeks off of school because of this corona virus stuff.  What does a single mom do when trapped at home during the cold season withContinue Reading

My father was my first and longest abuser.  He still is verbally abusive to myself and the children.  It is why I walked away several years ago…  I needed to save myself!  I couldn’t save myself with daily abuse from him! My family works in a strange way that IContinue Reading

Every single time he opens up emotionally the next action after that opening is an action that practically breaks my heart!Continue Reading

My Carona!!! nananana nananana hey hey hey Ca roNa LOL Sorry just had to do it!Continue Reading

Finally set the line and told him it was over… It is killing me.  I want to take it back.  I feel sick inside and anxious.  It is like no other feeling I have ever experienced.  As if I have cut off a limb.  Why does letting him go hurtContinue Reading