In my 40 something years I have seen many unhealthy relationship.  Relationships I have been witness to but also relationships that I was a part of. I have watched moms enable sons to be abusers, thieves, and worse.  I have cried while moms cheer for a son who abused andContinue Reading

 I am good enough to live with in Texas but not good enough to even have the discussion here in NYS?  It has caused a lot of frustration so I started the discussion with my therapist.  I need to air out my emotional stuff completely when I am in therapy so this was the discussion that day.  

Child rearing when you are a horrible parent and abusive human being.

The choice has to happen, however, you cannot play the half in and half out game with a single mom!  We have been there!  Seen that!  We are over it!  You cannot meet the kids, build with the kids, build with the single mom and think you don’t have to in any way commit!  

What happens when: You are left to suffer?
You are the forgotten?
You are the abused?
You are the lonely?
You are the incomplete?
You have nothing that you believe is real?

Here are the double standards: If she calls him a few times a day – she is obsessive, she is too clingy, she is too needy emotionally.
If he calls to many times in a day – he is sweet, thoughtful, awe he likes to talk to me, he is missing you.

Enjoy this multiple level story! 7am: CRAP, my son needs a ride to work!  Run around like crazy getting 3 little kids ready to leave in 5 minutes or less! 8am: on my way back home and decide to stop at the grocery store and get them donuts and drinks! Continue Reading

Share it on Facebook, twitter, instagram, tumblr, every place you can share!  We need to start a movement and get help for any person who have been abused! 

many reasons but as I sit here watching Star Trek for the 5 millionth time I thought it would be neat to debate the reasons online

I have traveled all over the country…  I have been in almost every state for at least a drive.  There are so many states I have loved for the way they look as well as based on the research I have done.  I have always wanted to move to Italy. Continue Reading

I know people who actually emotionally hurt me just by how they obsess over things on facebook.  I know that is a strange thing to say but how they react to things on facebook actually causes me distress! For example: I know this guy who is in his late 40’s,Continue Reading

As I sit here in my 40’s I am reflecting constantly about my past.  What are the major events that brought me to this life?  Was there one major moment that if I had chosen the left path my life would look absolutely opposite and would I want it toContinue Reading