The Morning Show TV series and character discussion along with #MeToo movement

Last night, I watched a show by Leah Remini about her experiences and other people’s experiences with Scientology.  I was impressed and I wanted to say that I found this very intriguing. The whole show seems honestly to be her views her thoughts her wording and I love that!  MikeContinue Reading

Country Sweet Chicken and Ribs is a local place that is a fundamental must try if you are in the Rochester, NY area!  They have a sweet yet savory sauce on the wings and on almost everything else they create!  I have been eating from this restaurant in one locationContinue Reading

Started watching a new show last week. This show is creepy on so many levels. The basic premise is to show viewers how crazy different things can be in a single hotel room. It is all fiction but WOW it has freaked me out for 2 episodes now. The firstContinue Reading

The Apple Farm in Victor, NY is making a good attempt but is also clearly a family run small farm.

Today I went to breakfast at Steve’s. The breakfast options are overwhelming but almost everything I have tried has been spectacular! I got a Belgium waffle and Jason my friend got Cheesecake French Toast with Strawberries (pictured above). I tried both and was mind boggled with his! It was substantialContinue Reading

The Cheesecake Factory in Rochester, NY is a well known place to eat in our area. I have sampled almost every slice of cheesecake they offer and have never been less than pleasantly surprised by every cheesecake bite. I have always been a bit disappointed by the pricing which isContinue Reading

Here you will find some of the most recent reviews as well as links to all reviews. I love to share the good and bad of different things we try, taste, like and love! Ontario Play & Cafe in Rochester, NY Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, NY NicksContinue Reading