The Morning Show on Apple TV

It was recommended that I check out this show called The Morning Show.  I started on the first episode tonight and found myself 3 episodes in before I noticed.  This show is intriguing.  It has closeness to real life situations if you were living the high life of NYC and dealing with work politics.

Aniston is spectacular in ways I never expected.  She plays a hard assed working women.  She shows what happens in the hardcore world of females trying to have everything!  She is gorgeous and at times heart wrenching.

Carell is sexy and seemingly vulnerable.  He shows all sides to the Me Too Movement (#MeToo) and makes a person think about the thousands of situations similar to this.  Some of these situations that people have crucified without the actual understanding of all sides.

Witherspoon is impressive with her strong yet understanding female presence.  Her look at times is stunning and then switches to disheveled.  This character is very dimensional with the family and the addictions along with a mom who is oblivious and neglectful.

I am enjoying this show and will be continuing to watch as the characters progress.

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