The Apple Farm in Victor, NY

On Friday we tried out a new apple farm to go apple picking at. We went to The Apple Farm in Victor, NY. Over the past several years we have gone to a few different apple farms in September for apple picking fun. This year we were not as happy with our apple picking experience.

We arrived and parking was ample with parking almost completely empty. Walking in there were a ton of items to purchase and the store was pleasant. We asked questions about apple picking and I became very confused by the directions for walking to the apple picking area. We grabbed some free bags and went on our adventure to find the Mac apples we were hoping to pick. It was a medium length walk when we came across the sign for Mac apples. I was not impressed at the selection of apples they had on the trees. It took us about an hour to pick 1 bag of apples. The size of the orchard was small in comparison to all of the previous orchards we have visited to pick apples.

The prices for our apples were right on and we ended up with 29 pounds of apples for under $19. I don’t think we will ever go back to this place again for apple picking. Every place we have ever picked at has always been at least triple in size and had much better apples hanging in the trees. It led to a lot more fun as we would explore the larger area and also consider other fruits they had for picking.

The Apple Farm in Victor, NY is making a good attempt but is also clearly a family run small farm.

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