Yesterday was exhausting on every front

Enjoy this multiple level story!

7am: CRAP, my son needs a ride to work!  Run around like crazy getting 3 little kids ready to leave in 5 minutes or less!
8am: on my way back home and decide to stop at the grocery store and get them donuts and drinks!  Get myself bananas and get a text about an appointment I had scheduled for this morning but because it didn’t make it into the calendar I had forgotten!
9am: had run across town to get to that appointment early with all my kids!  They eat breakfast at the table there and I am working on some tech stuff!  YAY!
10am: have to run out and back across town to my own office so that I am here in time to clean up and prepare for the electrician to arrive and run some electrical tests so I can figure out problems with the 3D printer!
11am: almost ready for the electrician to arrive when there is some violent knocking at the front door!  I am freaking out because I know it isn’t the electrician.  I am panicking from anxiety and fear!  I hate that people have abused me so much in the past that I cannot even handle a stranger knocking at my door.  I couldn’t answer it and decided to call the electrician and make sure he hadn’t arrived too early.  Didn’t want to risk that it was him.
12pm: went to the door and found an envelope at the door about rental stuff.  I am getting evicted because of other problems that I think go back to the fact that this is a 6 month lease and he didn’t want to rent to me to begin with!
Then the electrician arrived!  That was great.  I found out that the board was burned!  Ugh because I needed more.  As he was leaving he said “You forgot to shut your garage door.”  I looked out and it was my neighbors door but a light bulb went off in my head that I had left the car on in the garage!  Not running but all the power on!  OH SHIT!
Go to the car turn everything off and continue about my day.  Making calls, getting things done.
4pm: getting everyone ready to meet up with friends so my son can have a guys afternoon and do the barbershop thing.  I have everyone in the car and we are ready to leave and meet up for the son exchange!  hahaha  MOTHER Fer!  Car is dead and stuck in the garage!  Will NOT start!
5pm: I am stewing in the car angry with MYSELF!  Not acting angry at anyone but I am so very angry with myself because what a stupid thing to do!  It is NOT the first time I did it either which is making me angrier at myself!  How irresponsible can I be!?!?  Son exchange happened at my place and the girls and I come inside and just decided to do things and watch a movie after.
7pm: my son needs a ride home from work!  I cannot do it yet because my car is still dead!
The rest of my night didn’t get much better…  I finally picked my son up around 9:10pm with my car that had just gotten jump started!  I was exhausted!  The day was just one mishap after another.
Today will be better!

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