Where my relationship confusion comes from…

This morning I woke up with a bought of vertigo and nauseating migraine! I decided after I got the kids on the school bus I should try to lay down and possibly take a nap. This lay down session ended up with me falling asleep and not waking up until I was surprised by Leo at around 11:30 am. Leo woke me up sweetly and had brought a bunch of tacos from Taco Bell.

The just of it all:

Leo saw a Facebook post about how sick I was from my migraine. He then tried to reach me and sent a text saying: Good morning Beautiful. He also called a few times. I was deeply sleeping and I heard nothing so he decided to come check on me. I awoke to him sweetly trying to see if I was alright and offering me tacos and a pop. He stayed in bed with me for a while snuggled up watching 80’s movies oh and that movie Rumor Has It with Jenn Aniston.

After a little bit of time he needed to leave and Uber because being on strike he really needs to get more income. He was about to leave right as the kids were starting to come home and he decided to stay a bit longer and he vacuumed the downstairs, stairs, and upstairs hallway of the apartment. Leo then helped me get some other cleaning done around the house. He took the trash out to the dumpster, helped me get the bags of cans in my car, spent some time going over the upcoming weeks schedules for sports with the kids. Leo and I hugged and kissed a bit… I love Leo kisses! Then he went on his way for the night!


The confusion is real!!! Today makes me just love him like crazy and honestly feel so good about him. But then he is going to forget me tonight and tomorrow which will make me feel like complete shit!

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