What are your personal priorities?

I have a lot of things going on in my life constantly. I am always juggling a ton of different things. It is the single mom life… My question I pose is what are other single mom priorities as it relates to who YOU are as a human being, female, person… Do you prioritize your looks, soul, finances, or something else completely?

As I am personally growing I am constantly making, adjusting, adding to my list of personal priorities. I don’t consider my looks a priorities partly because I have always found myself to be reasonable attractive and fairly competent when it comes to dressing myself in conservative/mom appropriate outfits. I don’t prioritize making more money because I always found money is more stress, pain, frustration, difficulty than it is actually worth… the more you make the more you spend, the more you make the less you are actually with the people you claim to love! I do however prioritize being a good human being, having a good soul, being able to look at myself in the morning knowing I tried my hardest the day before to live a moral, happy, decent, honest, example of a life for myself and my children.

All of those priorities however have come with a price that has weighed my heart and soul down over my lifetime. With my growth I have learned to start adjusting…

Emotional Self Care: While it is good to do for others is it imperative that I do for myself. (This is my hardest adjustment to make! I need to set a goal with tier levels to mark my progress on this because I always seem to shove myself aside to care for others who can typically care for themselves. In turn I am NOT caring for myself properly and neglecting myself puts me in a bad place emotionally!)

Physical self care: I avoid this like the plague but am fastly learning that I cannot keep using avoidance as my main action as it relates to physical self care. Avoiding the tests, doctors, and meds does NOT make my problems disappear and while they might not be at the front of my view while I am avoiding the physical health issues are negatively impacting all I do)

So starting now I am making a plan to practice better self care. My plan includes several things that may seem silly but they are actually small cogs in a bigger plan to be a healthier and more positive me.

  • Positive affirmations around my house, in my car, in my wallet
  • Take 1 day a week for personal growth evaluation, doing something nice for myself even if it is just a small indulgence
  • Continue to work with all my heart with my therapist and new med evaluating doctor
  • Take my pills every day not just as I feel I want them or as I “remember” them
  • No longer wait weeks to call a doctor if I am having physical problems – I will work hard on cutting the multiple weeks down to a week or less once a problem has started
  • Work on better regulated sleep cycle
  • Slow down on the intake of foods that I am allergic to… they cause me a lot of physical pain as well as severe weight fluctuations because the sickness makes me not eat and then binge on food when I finally feel I can eat again… and my food choices when I am binging are typically not good choices for my body
  • Work on limiting my pop intake to 5 pops or less a week even if that means I will need to buy bottled water or something along those lines – the pop is so bad for my stomach issues.
  • Continue to work and make progress on verbalizing my feelings even if they scare me or I am worried about the reactions I might get.
  • Realize and live with the understanding in my heart that people who love me and want me around will not run away if we have a difference in opinion or if I say something disliked by others.

I am worth the effort!

It just, honest to goodness, took me a lifetime to see that I am worth the effort it takes to be healthy and happy!

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