Vaping in New York State

Around 2002 I quit smoking for good. I had quit smoking for every pregnancy but because I was always with people who smoked it was almost impossible to not start smoking again. I had been smoking since high school so around 10 years when I finally quit cold turkey. Big driving factor behind quitting smoking involved the guy I was living with wanted to quit smoking (and from past experience I knew it was almost impossible to quit while with someone who was still smoking), and my son was in Pre-K and a note came home about how the class stuffed gorilla needed to be washed by me before sending him back because he always smelled like cigarettes when he was returned. After I quit smoking it took over 5 years to really feel over wanting a cigarette! I would dream about smoking constantly! My health was much better after I quit. I stopped having bad boughts of bronchitis several times a year and my asthma was basically nonexistent after I quit.

This is why when about 4 years ago I walked out of IDV court needing a cigarette I believed if I got one I would never stop smoking again! I decided to go and get a vape. They were great in the vape shop. I stopped at Upstate Vape in Greece, NY and the owner was there and helped me a ton! He really gave me a lot of information and helped me decided on a flavor that suited me and what I wanted. My vape helped me and still helps me… My emotional struggles were definitely helped by being able to smoke using a vape instead of actually smoking cigarettes. The health of my lungs and body continued to improve and I was fulfilling my oral fixation needs as well as my smoking/nicotine needs.

Recently the laws in New York have been experiencing changes because Cuomo is an idiot. The laws for vaping and vape juice are changing and it will cause a lot of struggles on many different levels. Financially a ton of businesses locally will lose a crap ton of money. People will run the risk of opening up packs of cigarettes to fill the oral fixation need as well as the nicotine needs. I know I am already struggling figuring out how I will fulfill the needs I have. The flavors of my vape really satisfied me and allowed me to never starts smoking again.

I think this is a completely ridiculous change!

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