UAW strike hurting my family?

I am a big supporter of the UAW striking men and women.  I believe in the reasons behind the strike and I believe that our big companies owe the workers better than what GM has been giving the UAW workers.  While I have discussed the financials on many levels this post is NOT anything about the money.  This post is about how the strike has hurt my family emotionally!

The other day when the doctor scheduled an emergency CT brain scan with contrast of course I called Leo.  He was all about he would come with me and help keep me calm.  Then Saturday night he got the strike schedule for this week and he is required to walk the line during my appointment.  (There is no swapping times which is understandable because things would get all krabappled if there was.)  Now I am going to my appointment by myself and pretty terrified about the idea of doing this alone!

Leo was really angry and although I am not angry I am hurting at the idea of going without him to keep me leveled.  I am scared!  I wish GM would get shit together and stop dicking everyone around.  This is NOT fun for anyone and it is more than just the money side that sucks!  It is everything!

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