To that life everyone dreams about

What does your dream life look like?

When I was young my dream life looked so differently that how it looks now in my head.
I dream now of having that person in my life to love and share my family with.  I dream of falling asleep every night with someone that I can laugh with even when things get hard.  I dream of someone who will kiss me every day several times.  I dream of that guy who will want to touch me in any way…  touch my hand, face, body, sex, breathing me in.

Is this dream a possibility?  I have spent a lot of time settling.  I have settled for the guy who could possibly be my guy but never ended up being that guy.  Right now I am with a guy who is happy with or without me.  A guy who doesn’t care if he kisses me goodbye.  A guy who if he doesn’t see my face for a week it is alright.  He is a great guy with the kids.  He is a great guy with my family!  He is funny and wonderful but I need someone who would be sad to go a week without my face and kiss!

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