Time, love, death

(Collateral Beauty movie)


Time is a scary thing…  Time is the only thing you cannot get back no matter who you beg, how much you spend, what god you pray to, where you travel from, or how far you run from it.

Time is a GIFT

Time is short and precious

Time is what you will always try and fight against but never win


We don’t get to choose who we love and who loves us back.

Love is in everything that we do and it is in everything we are.

Love is an undeniable force that we cannot control even when we desperately want to

Love is the fabric of life

If only we could be strangers again…


Death gives time all of its value

Death is similar to time and love…  they are uncontrollable

You cannot stop death no matter how hard you try

Death is irreversible

The moment of first love deaths decrepit hand is holding onto us



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